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Albie Flies


I have spent a fair amount of time targeting these fish but am by no means an expert. In my experience though, I would disagree that Albies don't inspect a fly like a Monomoy striper. My flies for Albies in fact tend to be more realistic than the flies I might tie for stripers. I think that anytime you are targeting fish on fly you must first think about how the fish will be seeing the fly. For instance, from shore I would say that albies tend to be rising to the bait and attacking from underneath. In this instance I would want a fly that looks like a silverside from below. I don't think the shine of a hook in this instance is a huge influence since the Albie will be looking up against the sun. The contrast of the fly especially the translucent and opaque sections will be clearly discernable however. This is where I would focus my efforts. Now for stripers on the flats which tend to be focusing down on the fly with the sun's effects cleary highlighting anything reflective I think the shine of the hook will have an effect. Especially since most flies are desingned to ride point up. This year I have coated many of my flies for the flats with dull nail polish on the hook bend up until the point to see if that will improve the hook up ratio. Time will tell on that one.

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