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When you think about it any hook unless covered by the materials should look odd or out of place to the fish. I attended one of Abram's lectures where he covered this topic although not in the context of speedsters which have excellent vision. The statement went something like - maybe it's not so much what looks out of place as what looks correct and intices the instinct to strike. These were not his exact words but it's what I took away from the speel and I think in many cases this is correct. A hook is not naturally occuring in nature, tie a good representation of something that is in color or size or movement and that hook and perhaps the hook is not even recognized. I don't know and don't think I'm getting all moonie here but I think there is at least some truth in it.

If the hook is sharp, does not interfere with the action and doen't bend or break you should be all set. If they do see the hook clear as day it seems to me a dark hook might stand out more in contrast to the school of bait than one that twinkles a bit when light hits it. At any rate it's a good topic.
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