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Hm, well I bought one of those fifty-dollar fly tying kits last weekend and... I'm already tying crayfish, bass bugs, etc. I've probably spent an hour or and hour and a half each day since buying it, just listening to music, very relaxing.

Was much more relaxing after I'd learned all that Lefty Kreh had to teach me on the cheap video that came with the kit.

But hey, I'd be in, if there was enough interest, and people were not afraid to receive something a bit "newbish".

I could work on it, though. Actually, just today I went downtown and bought some tigerstrip hackle(for making a ton of crayfish, my favorite terrestrial imitation if you will), some marabou(mostly for the crayfish), but a whole foot long slab of deer hair(for making bass bugs) which I could use here.

Sounds like a good deal, like I said if there's interest and nobody cares about my being in it, I might partake.
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