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Todd Ripley,

Thank you very much. I found their site no problem. I really liked the idea of having a standing platform, and a rock solid frame. Not to mention the price was dang good! Anyway, i gave them a call this afternoon to further investigate their nine-footers. Due to the weight (100lbs.), I'm not going with the Black Bear Company. Thanks anyway!

As of now, I've been doing my research and have desided to go with one of the Bucks Bags Extreme 9's (although it's not yet written in stone). I called numerous shops, spoke to several owners, the company itself, and have done my forum duty (on several other websites as well.). I emailed Creek Co. also, but was disapointed in the construction and slightness of the frame. I suppose my ideal boat would be the Stealheader Osprey, but at $1500 it's a bit steep for a first 'toon. Thank you again for all of you help!


I appreciate your offer, but have decided to go with a newer model that has the warrantee. Thanks anyway!


Thank you also, but I have decided on a different company.
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