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Thanks very much for the definitions flytyer, Gary, and everyone else!

This raises another question for me: A lot, if not most, experienced casters I've seen do not cast with the rod/reel held perpendicular to the body. When looking at the reel, it'll be cocked at about a 30 degree angle away from the person. So when lining up the spine of the rod, shouldn't this be taken into account? The cast usually finishes with the reel coming down to the perpendicular position, but at this point the spine really doesn't matter since the cast has really been made and you're just waiting for the line to settle on the water.

The problem with this I see is that some people don't hold the rod this way, especially newer casters. But on the flip side, a newer caster might not notice where the spine is, so it might not matter to them. But an experienced caster may be able to notice a difference.
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