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That's funny. 10 minutes is all I got out of my 7 yr old. 3 weeks ago.

I've seen a lot of would be hunters ruined walking miles and for pheasants and narry a shot. Only an idiot would sit next to a tree for three days waiting to see a deer pass by, that be me. Hey, everyone just wants to shoot, right? So, now I take folks shooting clays in my reletives back yard in the country until they are sick of it, hopefully sore, then we go hunting the next day. And rarely do I expect the newbies to share my enthusiasm and tenacity, spelled persistent lunacy. A couple hours and see what happens. Don't burn them out.

Simple bobber rigs with bait for panfish in the park go miles and miles toward a love of fishing. No one likes to spend the day learning blood knots on the water and untangling birds nests. The initial goal is a love of fishing. If they catch fish, they will love fishing. And most anywhere you can cath sunfish from shore with a few worms. If you don't, it is a losing battle to the preasures of soccer. At early ages, let them catch fish. BTW, I don't keep those fish either. I suppose it is ethics but truth is I hate cleaning fish

So when I took up flyfishing, I thought I'd bought my last minnow and hadn't loaded fresh line on those reels in years. Then I had to teach my daughter... I take an approach that she should love fishing, then we can refine it, but first she will love fishing.

Nice rod choice for her.
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