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Thanks for all the advice.

Last night was our first practice session on the lawn and lasted about 10 minutes. I opted not to let her use one of my rods (thought this would be easier on both of us) and splurged at Cabelas for one of their 100% graphite Traditional series (8' 5wt). Good looking rod with a nice medium action all for $54 with tube, gota love that! (especially after she caught site of a daddy long legs on a tree and tried to smack it with the rod tip )

Anyway, she did great. Main issue for awhile will be her strength as she had a little trouble keeping her wrist straight. I'm thinking about tying a bandanna or something around her arm and rod butt and think that will help her tremendously. Best thing was she thought it was fun for exactly 10 minutes, that's about right for a six year old on the lawn. After a few more practice sessions, we'll be on the farmpond and the real fun will start.
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