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Stringer? Cooking kit?!

Is it the official Jimmy Houston autographed fishing vest with the built in fold out fillet board and custom fitted power bait reservoirs?

Sorry bout that, couln't resist.

Actually, I think I may have to add pepper spray or even a smith and wesson incorporated holster to mine now. Went out yesterday to do a bit of casting and check out Simon Gawesworth's casting class on the American river in Sacramento. I sent the wife and dog off on a little walk along the bike trail while I played. Next thing I know there are cops and rangers all over the place, even a sheriffs helicopter circling overhead. Seems the wife walked right by some wacko running around naked showing himself to a bunch of ladies in the park. Flying cops chasing naked guy through the park, pretty funny. And I've been trying to convince her that we should buy a place right on the river. So much for that! The park ranger suggested pepper spray, I think a shot of that at his exposed parts would have ended his naked mood.

But I digress.

If you live in a metropolitan area such as I you might add pepper spray to you vest, but I usually only carry what I think I might need for the day in my vest, when I wear it, because I just don't like to have a full load on. This usually leaves me without something I need that is surely sitting on the kitchen table at home. Like my Jimmy Houston signature filet-o-matic
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