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Another option

I have a Watermaster, which I purchased used when in Montana one summer. It differs from pontoon boats in that it is a frameless raft, half of which is open bottom thru which you stick your legs and fins. I've used it extensively up on the Main Delaware for about six years. It weighs, believe it or not, under 20 pounds because there is no metal, and I bought the lightweight model, which is nonetheless as tough as any pontoon out there -- Bucks, ODC, Scadden, JW Outfitters, etc. It has real advantages and disadvantages, as follows.

Pros -- lightweight; extremely maneuverable; sit a little lower in the water (so less wind resistance); can stand up and wade with it hanging around your legs; folds up very small; very quick set up time (5-10 minutes max).

Cons -- expensive; doesn't track as well as a bigger pontoon (it's 8 feet long); lower in the water is a less helpful in casting.

I love the thing, because I live in a NYC apt. but it is definitely a compromise as all these things are. By the way, I do have an anchor system and do anchor in mellow moving water (like softer runs and pools in the Delaware).

Don't know if they're a sponsor, but you can find it by searching "watermaster kick boats" on Google. Good luck.

Juro -- I've toyed with using this thing on the Cape, but I wouldn't want to mess with those Barnstable tides ....
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