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Originally Posted by bd12345678
I have a couple more questions. With what kind of wind does it become very impractical? Compared to a canoe, how does it handle wind? How do you properly use an anchor to prevent too much drifting; do you leave it in the water while rowing? How effective are kick-fins in propelling a 'toon such as the bronco? I guess my major concern would be associated with drifting, and if it would really make fishing lakes a drag.
These things bob on top of the water so get blown very easily. Depends on the canoe, but I would say similar to a keel-less canoe.

Not sure I understand the Q but an anchor only works when you are attached to it. You lower it when you want to stay put, you retreive it when you want to row.

You can use kick fins but don't try it in moving water. Your feet are important maneuvering tools against the bottom in a river and kick fins render them useless and you put yourself in danger.

Kick fins on a lake are nice and are compatible with the oars. The oars get you moving so fast you leave a wake, the kick fins are like low thrust adjustments to steering but don't really do much locomotion because you are so high up.

They work nice together I suppose you could use your fins to counter the wind, but for me it was more work than I care to do while fishing so I would either drop an anchor or drag a windsock.

Again, the ideal application of these designs is as a one-man drift boat for traversing rivers with the current up to class III.
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