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Sorry somehow missed your first post...

I am a happy owner of the Buck's Bag bronco, purchased well over 10 years ago while I was in Seattle and it's still going strong. It's floated big rivers like the Skykomish and Skagit, and taken trout on Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond here in ol' New England. It's even taken me out to islands and shoals on Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic coastline on Cape Cod! But wash it thoroughly after any exposure to salt of course.

The newer broncos are even better, and it's a great solution to drifting rivers solo as if you had a driftboat.

For lakes, you get blown around alot because it's high and dry. Float tubers would comment on how nice it must be to (a) paddle fast where they can't and (b) take a nature break where they have to do a long paddle to shore as they are half underwater as it is. But they are anchored in the wind where the pontoon needs a drift sock to hold it's place.

An anchor is a good option for lakes but DO NOT ANCHOR A PONTOON BOAT IN A RIVER unless it's one of those big expedition sized setups.

The notion of fitting into a suitcase is a stretch... I always have so much fishing gear that it would be impractical, and it would add another 45-50 # to the weight total. For travel, I would suggest a frameless inflatable kayak instead. Some are very light and make for practical travel boats. I don't see the bronco as being a travel unit personally but I guess that's really up to the beholder. If you have modern jet service to the destination it's only a matter of paying the excess baggage fee. If you have actual limits like a prop plane to the Bahamas, well then the bronco would be out of the running.

It's ideal application is as a one-man drift boat for up to class III waters. It also makes a fantastic vehicle for crossing fast current channels in saltwater or fresh. It's a nice lake boat for days without wind but you'd need something to slow your drift in wind.


I'll sell you mine for $350 as is if you are interested.
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