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Okay. First post , first time here. Never-the-less. I struggle with the same situation except sitting here in MN we have abounds of fishing opportunities 20inch browns 5 miles away, Blue ribbon WI streams 45 minutes. Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Slab Crappie, ...

Fishing with kids. Better than fishing, almost. but it is time with my daughter. not about fishing, it is about us. Do you remember fishing with your Dad or watching TV with Dad? Do you tell fish stories or lawn work stories about your parents?

If I want to fish, I go fishing. If I want to be a mentor and spend quality time with my daughter, I take her with me. AND SHE LOVES TO GO FISHING!

so my first post 2 cents. take it easy all before is good advice. I even pulled out the ******Gasp!********** spinning and baitcasting gear just to get her into the experience. hehehe
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