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Hey Pescaphile

This Otter has been here for at least eight months and has been so far content at helping himself to the "Spiny Rays" left over from Johnny Appleseed, and we have been applauding his efforts. I was a little suprised that he took a Duck we have been talking about "if" such a thing happens! Well Pesca all we had to do was ask you and we would have a first hand report.
When Bud and I trapped the darn things Otters) up in SE Alaska we never saw any evidence of them feeding on birds I was suprised that they do, Heck I was certain that Humpbacks ate Herring even when carrer Bios assured me that they didn't, now its well known that Humpbacks eat herring by the Ton. I'll bet you even remember the time when we were directed by Fishery Professionals to clean the "Woody Debris" from streams.
Still working on a soloution to getting up your way for the Marilyn's emerger hatch this month!!!!!
You know for living in Paradise you are seemingly having alot of challenges this last 12 month period.
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