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It is a Cruel World......

It certainly looks that way sometimes. We have a pond in our front yard and several Woodducks and Mallards are nesting there and the Mothers and there young are making a living by picking up the seeds dropped by the Red Wing Blackbirds and Stellar Jays from our feeders that we keep filling everyday.
There has been a River Otter hanging out here in the pond off and on catching the occasional Bass and other denizens of the pond that he can come up with. This morning there was a great and loud disturbance in the yard and I stood in the window gazing out to see all the various Hens running madly around trying to get there ducklings to dry ground and safety. They collectively had the Otter pegged as a dangerous intruder and were taking no chances.
It appears that the little Woodducks were responsive to there Mothers pleadings and got safely to shore and well upland of the pond, the Mallards were not as cautious. The Otter got too close to the flock this got the Hen agitated and she made a charge at the Otter to distract him from her chicks the Otter wasn't intimidadted and death was quick! The eleven young Mallards are only about 10 days old and will be intresting to observe how they make out wih all the other critters about and no adult supervision.
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