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A moderate action rod has many advantages

A moderate action rod has many advantages:
Fishing - After the cast comes mending, feeding line with dead drifted flies, striking and setting the hook, and fighting and landing a fish with 7x tippet. All are more effective with moderate action rods.

Several of my best casting rods are not good fishing tools. IMHO it is a mistake to choose a fishing tool only by its casting power.

Barbless hooks - To hold a barbless hooked fish requires a reasonably deep bend in one's rod to prevent "micro-slack" in a line during a fish's head shaking. Any slack with a barbless hook equals lost fish. This bend in a moderate action rod gives a delightful fighting experience. The same bend in my fast rods means the fish is landed prematurely and unsportingly fast--"grass 'em, as some old timers say."

Ability to Use the Rod - Jerry Siem, chief rod designer at Sage, stated in a major fly fishing magazing last year that the majority [65-70% I think] of his customers were unable to properly use the faster rods they purchased. If your first fly rod is fast, do you think you'll be an exception to Mr. Siem's experiece?

My recommendation is based on fishing NorCal trout for the last twenty five years.

Discussing this topic several years ago with the owner of the San Francisco area's largest fly shop, he agreed with everything I said, but stated he sold fast rods to beginners because the majority only fished a couple of times per year, and it was easier to teach a cast to a student using a fast rod, and it was easier for the new fisherman to relearn his cast after a long layoff.

Fishing is not casting, it is the 99% of what happens after the cast.

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