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Small inflatable pontoon boats: Advice needed!

I have been searching for an appropriate, small (8-9ft.) pontoon boat, preferably not exceeding $500. I will be fishing ponds, small-medium sized lakes and floating parts of various rivers. It is also important that it is light; I'd prefer it to be at or under 55lbs. In searching so far, Creek Company has had the most appeal to me, and I am concidering two of their models, the ODC JetPack and the ODC XL9. Has anybody had experience with either of these two models or other small pontoon boats from Creek Company? Also, what other reputable companies are out that I should know about? And of course, I would appreciate any other input or advice from past experiences, hearing certain prefernces or any othe advice in general. I should also mention that I could pick up a 20lb fiberglass canoe for about the same amount mentioned above (although I would have no mode of transportaion)! Thanks in advance!
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