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get the ticr

Originally Posted by cmpatti
I will soon be in the market for my first rod/reel, and based on all the raves I've seen on these forums, I'm considering the Temple Fork Outfitters TiCr. My worry is that I've seen that rod described as having a "fast" action, and also heard it said that a fast rod may be difficult for a beginner to handle and learn on. While I hope to test cast rods of interest, I'm not sure I'll get the opportunity to test this one, so any advice would be most appreciated.

I think a faster rod is easier for beginners. It is conducive to a shorter cast, and will more easily throw weighted flys with split shot. If you are just going to do dry fly maybe buy a slower rod. If you have a slow rod and decide to add some nymphs and weight, you might hit yourself in the head with the flys .
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