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chris, wow system overload. the more i am online learning about flyfishing the more i realize i have to learn. great info and help buy the way.

i am not really sure how much time i will get on the miramichi this summer. i am having a hard time finding a fishing buddy that goes after brights let alone black salmon in the spring, and i would prefer to go with somebody that is somewhat of a pro so i can learn as much possible. I did find out from a guy i play hockey with, his father inlaw has rights too 3 pools just this side of doaktown on the miramichi and apparently 2 of them are fairly good pools all summer long, so who knows i may have to look into that. However I think i will consentrate more on the Cains River and fish for brookies and sea run trout for starters and try my luck with some pan fish, bass and maybe a few chain pickeral. I here the cains has a good fall run of salmon, so maybe i will get in on that too. I have always been a sucker for trout and fishing small streams where i am the only one with a rod for miles around. thanks again for the info, it wont be long and i'll owe you a trip over here for a few days of fishing.

chaser, or anyone else have anything too add?
be gentle on the hook set, i am a newbie to fly fishing
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