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The real answer to that lies in time on the river. By that i mean if you spend enough time out there in all times of year and conditions, you will see that 1- they are impossible to hook. 2- they are easy to catch. and 3- they are sometimes easy and sometimes impossible to catch.
Ask questions,, watch how others fish through the pools,,, where the favoured lies are,, cast light,,, and WATCH YOUR FLY. Salmon will often enough hammer the fly as it hits the water so wait an extra second before turning to talk to a buddy or whatever. Follow your fly through the whole swing and you will know if and when anything happens. I learned this one early on and it has been sooo important to me over the years.
Another important thing is to make sure there is not a fish following your fly before you pick up for another cast. make a cast on a 45deg,, fly swings around to the dangle and i usually strip in until i can see my fly or twitch it and determine that there isnt a salmon behind it. Beleive me,, they are there more often than not.
Pinch your barbs,, just a suggestion as i firmly beleive that if you lose a fish to a de-barbed hook,, then it is something WE did wrong not the hook.
Hope this helped a bit and iam sure others will add there own take on it.
Good luck this summer Nate. Are you only fishing miramichi?? If you need some info on public pools just post up and I or someone else can help you.
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