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This is a scanned image since I don't have a digital camera and focusing on the veiling has to be done digitally. The result is a very poor image quality when it is blown up to try and show the tie-in detail, which renders the result worthless.

The veiling is composed of 2 kingfisher feathers matched and placed dull side to dull side tied vertically back-to-back just like a knife-edge hackle wing. There is a pair tied-in above and another pair tied-in below the hook instead of the more usual horizontal orientation of body veilings. Kingfisher feathers are blue only on the good side of the feather, which is why they need to be tied in back-to-back. This is also why the some of the feather fibers cover the flat silver tinsel rear body section, which also adds to the look of the fly.

However, if you use a dyed substitute Kingfisher feather, you can tie them in horizontally (one on bottom and one on top). Although doing so looks fine, it is different than the back-to-back Kingfisher.
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