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NorCal trout


Some random thoughts about getting started, rod and line selections.

I used to live in the SFBay area, and did a lot of trout fishing in the Sierras, to the upper sac, the McCloud, Pit, etc. and will offer some suggestions.

re some of Juro's questions, if you intend to fish the above waters, you WILL do some roll casting. I generally find that roll casting is easier with a rod that is slightly less than really fast. (I haven't tried the TFO in anything under an 8 wt so don't know where that fits in). That said, on many of these rivers, nymphing is VERY effective. I prefer a fast rod for nymphing.

As far as lines, I found a weight forward to be much more useful as an everyday line on those rivers than a DT. Some of the rivers are big, and the WF allowed for some longer casts. I also fished some itty bitty places, and the DT was just fine in those settings.

Just some food for thought...only experience will tell you what type of rod and line works best for you. If I were starting all over again, I would surely be looking at TFO too, either the TiCr or the Pro (probably not the X for an all around trout rod, but that may just reflect my own taste)

Good fishing.

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