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cmpatti -

The last thing I want to do is complicate the question, but I'm curious:

What weight rod are you looking at?

Will you do a lot of roll casting?

What lines do you think you'll use most (double taper, floating WF, shooting heads, sinking, etc)?

What species?

There is some truth to the concept that moderate action is a good tutor of smooth casting, but in lighter weights it's less of an issue than in heavier weights.

Depending on your body size when you reach 7wt or 8-10wt the stiffness is a very important matter indeed and I would suggest casting any rod you are considering with an experienced person at a fly shop first to get a professional opinion.

In lighter weights, 3-6wt or 7wt let's say, the rod's power relative to the human body is not as much of an issue provided the rod is made close to AFTMA standards.

The TFO TiCr is a pleasure to cast. I have tried the 5wt-7wt and the line jumps off the rod. Components are nice as well.
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