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Originally Posted by juro

With all due respect of course you express an opinion that does not help me figure out any reasoning behind it.

When someone says that it's important to be on either side of a spine for the energy in a rod to be kept in line during a cast, not much explanation is needed.

But when someone says that wrapping guides out of alignment with a rigid area running the length of the rod, I have to ask...

specifically what kind of casting does this suit?

thanks in advance
Oh, I spined my rods, I'm just pointing out the lack of consensus -- one that appears broad and persistent. That lack of consensus would suggest that spining is largely a matter of fashion rather than function. If it was a matter of demonstrable function then there would be some form of general consensus on the subject as we would be able to satisfactorily prove it one way or the other. I don't think that there is even a consensus on the results obtained (if any) when you place the guides on the spine vs. opposite the spine.

Sage builds their rods so that any curvature of the rod is in one plane, improving appearance, and in the process, ignores the spine. I wonder how many other manufacturers ignore the spine? Many, I would suspect.

I don't specifically remember what I did with which rod, but I'd try and assess the action of the blank then spine it accordingly, including one or two where I reversed the spine in the top section.

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