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Truthfully, this is a raging debate amonnst rod builders and manufacturers. Some say you should always spline the blank and place the guides on the spline. Other say you should always spline the blank and place the guides opposite the spline. Others still say to spline the blank and put the guides 90 degrees to the spline. Some advocate putting guides on opposite sides of the spline on different rod sections. And still others say to place the guides on some rod sections on the spline or 180 degrees from the spline, while putting the guides on other sections 90 degrees to the spline.

And to confuse things even more, there are others, such as Sage (a very respected rod manufacturer), who forget the spline completely and put the guides in line with the straightest rotation of the blank.

In other words, there doesn't appear to be any consensus on the proper orientation of blank spline to guide placement. Therefore, I'd fish the rod as is and not worry about it.
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