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Cali fishing


Can't speak to the particular set-ups your considering, though the price seems very good. I can comment on the fishing where you are aiming, however, and that might help you specify which set-up (ie line wt) you want.

I live in the Bay Area for about 12 years, and took any opportunity I could to head to the Sierra to fish for trout. Typically fished with a 5wt, but in later years also used a 3 weight in some situations.

For an all around trout rod for that region, I'd go with either a faster 4 wt, or a moderate 5 wt. I presume the the set-ups your looking at are more moderate in action so would go with the 5 wt.

If you want also to do a little bass fishing with the same rig, you might look at the 6 weight. Either a 5 or 6 would be just fine for the valley river winter steelhead run, though you wwould be seriously undergunned if you hooked a salmon.

As far as waters to try. the river's will all be high with runoff through the month of May at least. As a hint, grab a delorme atlas and look for forest service or logging roads that cross any of the rivers NEAR yosemite. I think they fish better than places IN yosemite myself.

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