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Does anyone know if any states in the U.S. has a full time lobbyist that works for the sportsmen in that state?

I think it's time for Washington State to have one. I know the outdoor industry has a lobbyist in Olympia that does sometimes help in our causes. Here is an idea I have and would like some imput into it. Over the last year we have as sportsmen and outdoor recreationists been gaining considerable strength in our response to threats against conservation and outdoor recreation but still we are at a disavantage by having no lobbyist working the halls of the state capital. What would it take to enact a 2 dollar license increase with that money going to a lobbyist salary and expenses. The different conservation and outdoor organizations in the state would nominate an officer from their organization to sit on an independent board who would be responsible for hirering and over seeing expensise the lobbyist.

Would such an add on to the license fee need a vote in the state house and senate? How could it happen? What would the oppostion be from certain conservation and sportsmen groups? I realize we are all not together on all issues but with the growing concern about what is going on in this state I think we could pull it off. I see the add on to the license as the only way to get a lobbyist does anyone else have a creative way of doing it?
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