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rocky madsen's rocks

nothing better than a shore lunch on a coleman stove is there. well if you havnt already tried it, and are always trying new tastes, get your hands on some " Rocky Madsen's Fish Crisp ". There is original, Italian, and a number of different flavors. I us it on pretty much every trout that i keep. Use butter, crisco, olive oil which ever you prefer and fry in a pan. very easy and simple for a cookout in the woods.I also have tried it on shrimp and salmon fillets but i have to say that it tastes best on brook trout. something about the skin, when it gets crispy. MMM, anyway. i have bought it at Walmarts or at Sobeys which is a large grocery store chain here in the Maritimes.

good food on those fishing trips makes for an even better day on the water.
be gentle on the hook set, i am a newbie to fly fishing
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