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How arrogant can you get! Why should commercial crabbers or commercial fisherman get most or all of the fish, as you imply in your post? The fish and shellfish (along with wild game) resources of Washington State do not belong to the commercial crabbing and fishing industry, they belong to the people of the state. The fish and game of Washington State do not belong to the commercial fishers, nor are they for the creation or retention of jobs in the commercial fishing industry.

Let's be honest and at least recognize the fact that there is not an inherent "right" for commercial fishers to fish for and take fish or shellfish in sufficient quantities to make a living. The commercials have no more right to take fish and shellfish (let alone earn a living through taking sufficient numbers of crab, salmon, or other fish) than the recreational sportsmen. Both have been granted a priviledge to take fish and game, and that is very different than a right.

And like you said about the recreational crabbers, if the commercial crabbers and fisherman can afford the cost of gear, pots, boat, and fuel, they could obviously afford to pursue a different form of economic activity.

And to add insult to injury you imply that it is because of recreational crabbers or fishermen taking some crab or fish that commercials can't make enough money. You know as well as the rest of us that fish and game populations fluctuate from year to year and that there is never any guarantee of number that can be harvested. I suppose though in your convoluted thinking that this is the fault of recreational fishers and our "liberal government" giving them away to the recreational fishers. What crap.

You also know as well as the rest of us that there are no guarantees for economic prosperity or type of job a person does regardless of the field you are in. There are people all over Washington State who lose their jobs or businesses and thus their livelihood every day. And somehow they find another job. Why should commercial fishers and crabbers be any different?
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