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matching flys to whats real????

here is a pretty basic question but something that i need to know. When fishing for trout last spring i used two basic dry flys. one matched a musquito and the other that seemed to work really well was one that looked like a small bumble bee. now here is my question, while fishing for salmon last saturday we were using bright streamers with a lot of neon green and yellow with red. now these streamers dont look nothing like anythign that the salmon would be feading on, and the 2 flys that i used for trout last spring looked simular to what the trout would be feading on. so do certian fish at certian times take the brighter flys better, while at other times of the season they take a more natural fly better? Just something i thought of and maybe someone can explaine this too me. thanks in advance.

be gentle on the hook set, i am a newbie to fly fishing
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