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1st atlantic salmon experience

saturday i was able to get out with a friend that intoduced me to fly fishing a year ago. We drove over to the miramichi river which is about a 1 hr drive from our area. Fishing from his boat, just above the doaktown area. We were not seeing much action, even after 4 hrs of steady fishing. Non the less, being my first salmon fishing trip ever, i was having a blast learning what its all about. seeing oher guys and a few gals from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and who knows what other parts of this vast continent, it reminded me what a great river the miramichi is for atlantic salmon. Aparently the water had come up through the week and this was the cause of most people not hooking many fish. So we were not fealling too bad because we knew, it wasnt that we were doing the wrong thing. around 1pm we went back to the truck, had some Salmon fillets and beans on the coleman stove, then loaded the boat to head north towards Blackville but which would take us about 20 minutes down the river. at about 3:15 pm, aproximently 20 minutes after seeing a guy in another boat, land a really nice salmon i had my first encounter when a fished roled but did not take my fly. However, not 15 min later i hooked my first salmon, and even after a lot of heart pounding excitment, 2 nice jumps (by the salmon not me), and realizing that we left our net at home, my good friend terry landed the salmon in the boat. I dont remember a fish ever making me so excited. maybe it was that it was my first fish of the year. Or maybe that it was a build up of all of the dreams i had that maybe someday i would get into fly fishing and give it a try, and it was now coming true. I am the first to mention that this is no monster of a atlantic salmon. i am guessing maybe it was about 5 lbs and aproximently 60 cms. i wasnt taking the time to do any measuring, for i am sure the salmon was ready to get back in the water after a picture. I dont know if i will ever experience that kind of excitement while fishing again, but we are going landlock salmon fishing ether next weekend or the next so i will see when i hook another one. For sure it was something i will never forget, and i am sure i i didnt just hook that fish, it hooked me as well. The rest of the day we only saw 2 more fish come to the surface but i was more than happy to go home to plabe my next trip.
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