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I have never fished for black salmon partly because I don't know if there would be a negative impact. My instinct says yes but I have nothing to base that on froma scientific perspective. I had this same discussion with a Quebec biologist this week with respect to the black salmon fishing that will occur in Gaspe this year. It seems as though this issue was rasied at last year's annual meeting and though many doubt that it will provoke much interest or prove successful they are going to give it a test run.

The Gaspe rivers are much smaller than the Restigouche or Miramichi and have only a fraction of the numbers of salmon. Add that to the fishing sectors for black salmon being well above tidal water (lots of snow still along the rivers and roads) and it does not seem to me that this will be viable. We will know shortly.

I do understand that in NB black salmon fishing extends the season for people to work and brings in $ to the region. Without strong scientific data to prove harm, I personally don't have a problem with the lodges putting people to work.

The pools with barriers (to protect the salmon) like sector 12 york are monitored on a constant basis to guard against poaching.

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