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Brian, you raised some valid points and on most I'am with you. However, I really dont see the argument of large runs on the matane justifying the slaughter that goes on every season. Should the Miramichi system be opened up to MSW retention because 60,000 salmon, or more, head up river to spawn? Why is it that Quebec must be the only Salmon province that has a MSW kill fishery?? While other provinces and river groups are bucking for a decrease in tags, the numbers of large salmon killed in Quebec are in the thousands, and thousands.
brian, ann, bill, and others,, i have asked this question on other boards without any definitive answers so I''l try it again. has there ever been a proposal to Government, ZEC's, etc, to abolish the killing of large HEN fish??
I think that kelt fishing cme about as a way to make more money(for the camps) and also to keep the guides on the river longer than the 2 months they would normally work in the bright season. As for the harm it causes??? There are definately alot of salmon that die each spring that would otherwise have made it to sea. There are a lot of "cowboys" out in the spring and some awful treatment of the salmon when caught played and released. There is a practice used by some on the Miramichi that has the angler"toss" the salmon from the boat and this, they think, revives the fish quicker.
Do I think angling for blacks has an impact if they are hooked played and released properly? Well to be honest, i wouldnt do it if I thought it had a negative effect.
Would I stop if they closed the black salmon season? You bet!
Ann, is this pool guarded 24/7 when they are being held up like that?
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