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Morning Salar-1

I must say I agree with your last post!

Catch & Release in pools holding 100 to 400 fish in low water conditions, I think should be dry fly only and NO MORE than 2 releases / angler.
- respect for the salmon
- respect for the anglers fishing the next day
- I would ban mid-sink lines and stripping flies in low water conditions pools.

On another point, we are a very few permitted to fish (since yesterday) on the three Gaspé rivers for black salmon ( until May 25th). It's an experimental fishing...(not open to public) to see if there could be a good fishery etc...
I'll keep you posted with photos and our catches, if any.

And as you say, it must be "graceful" fishing!!!!!

(out with my spey notes..... )

Keep'em in the water!!

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