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I'm mostly a C& R fisherman .I will ,however, keep the occasional fish ,and that does include the very occasional Atlantic.
Bill mentioned Habitat and logging practices.
THIS IS ,IMHO, the prime important factor in protecting the species !
You mentioned the Matane and Matapedia rivers. The Matane is well known for it's particular horror show,in that very few fish are released. That being said, (and please don't get me wrong here, I'm NOT condoning aggressive C&K practices)the very long stretch of head waters of this river are aggressively protected , resulting in one of Quebec's largest run of fish. If this practice was followed on other Quebec rivers we'd definately see greater returns of Salmon. Personally ,harassing fish, even when practicing C&R, on sectors such as Maison Blanc on the York, sector 5 on the Madeleine and Sector 6 on Grande Riviere is nothing short of criminal ! Especially indulging in the sport during hot summer months ! May I humbly include the ungracefull practice of intentionally fishing for black Salmon as a damaging factor to returns?

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