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David, you and i have to fish together someday!! And by the way, that is an awfully small little fish you just let go
And yes, onr here and one there does not hurt. One male grilse from time to time is entirely irrelevant in the grand scheme(even better if its a hatchery).
I am not so set that i cant see the (whats the word) in keeping a grilse from time to time. I choose not to and thats just me. Bill, You may or may nort know how i stand on the retention of MSW salmon,,, if you dont,, I think its appalling!!!!!!!!!!
Regardless of counts, individual rivers, provinces or countries,,, the killing of a large salmon should carry a prison sentence in my eyes I have seen it firdt hand on the Matapedia and Matane and it almost makes me cry at the thought of seeing those big fish smacked and tossed into those clear plastic body bags that are so popular up there.
With regards to your comment of C&R being a personal choice- I agree but dont be afraid to voice an opinion astream though as how else are they going to know?
What is the number of tags they are shooting for?? PEI Has just gone down to four from seven,, and Robert Anderson on the River Philip(Nova Scotia) has been pushing for a decrease to two for that system.
BTW Bill, last year you had some friends of mine with you. They bid the trip you donated to the PEISA dinner. Blaine dunnett, Jean Beauregard, Tom Mann , and Mark Duguay. All had a wonderful trip!!! Perhaps you and i will meet on a river somewhere and someday.
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