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Salmon Chaser:

I am with you on C&R; I release all of my grilse and salmon. Habitat and logging are important issues and shouldn't be neglected. But, the only thing that we as anglers can do is release our salmon. The theories of ocean temps being too warm, too cold, too many seals, etc are beyond our control. Proper managment of the resource is what has brought salmon back in Quebec and I hope that will continue (I believe that the management in Quebec is working well).

I do believe, though, that C&R is a personal choice and that it can't be forced upon anyone.

I can only say that in Quebec the government and the river associations keep a very close eye on the populations and are quick to take measures when necessary. A couple of years ago when the fish were late and many (inlcuding myself thought the worse) rivers went to C&R very quickly (the fish were late that year). The rivers that have had declining runs like the St. Jean, Dartmouth, and Grande have seen their regulations change and salmon numbers have rebounded.

Today, the number of salmon on those rivers is noticeably more than a few years ago and all have the option of being open for the retention of large salmon. The Dartmouth is the only one of those that does allow large salmon to be retained but only after a mid-season count is done to make sure that there is an ample number of spawners in the river. The river managers and the governement must balance the resource against the needs and desires of anglers and I believe they are doing a good job.

There has been talk in Quebec about changing the tag system from the present system of 7 tags (for large and/or small salmon). This will in all likellihood involve input from everyone concerned (gov't, anglers, river managers, etc).

39 more days until opening day on the Gaspe. I will be on the York. Where will others be?

Bill Greiner

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