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C&R- Are you in or out???

On the first day I became a salmon angler I also became a catch and release angler. There were no great political speeches and beatings of the chest, it was just from the first time i held a salmon in my hands I decided, then and there, which road I would take. Actually, it may have evn been years later that i realized what i was and that i had been a C&R guy all along. I have never killed one,, never even thought of maybe taking just one as it couldnt possibly hurt anything. I have bought into this practice 100%. I have heard the theories that too many fish in a system may actually be detrimental to the stocks. Hearing and believing are two different things entirely. I guess the reason for the post was a topic raised on another board where a member stated that catch and release only benefits in the short term and that the main goal should be habitat orientated. I agreed to a point, though couldnt agree with the statement that C&R"will not benefit the species"
It got me to thinking as to the legitamite reasons for C&R and why it is so important in todays salmon world. I know why I practice and believe in it but i thought I would like to hear why others practice and believe in it too.
By the way, this goes for wild steelhead as well. Wild Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon,, jeez,,, just the sound makes my hair stand on end.
This isnt a poll to see who practices,, just a thread to hear why you do.
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