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To rudder or not to rudder

I have a perception with a rudder, and I moslty use my kayak for bass fishing in my local area. I have found that more times than not I don't use the rudder atoll. My friend swears by it to controll his drift, but for me it's just one other thing that I need to worry about while I'm trying to fish and most of the time it's a pain and I end up screwing up a good drift with it. I haven't really gotten my line hung up on the rudder for the most part unless I get sloppy and let alot of line drift out. As far as just rowing I like to have the rudder if it tends to get windy out it sure seems to make paddeling easier. It's cool to find out that guys like the kayak gig to don't really know to many people around me that do it. Rock on.
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