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The mother of all Saltwater Claves returns! Last year we went on the weekend after Labor Day right? Well Labor Day weekend is probably out (Sep.2,3,4). So the question far back into Aug are you looking? Not too far I'll bet. The 2 weekends before Labor day are Aug. 19 and 26. Washburns Island may be tough before labor day. Need to nail down date ASAP so we can stake ot out on the calender as Non Negotiable with THE BOSS.
I hope it goes off without a hitch and that the various boards can get along (that means you too Reel-Time).
And if some kind of tension develops, screw it, we'll have an Albie Clave. Peoples desire to fish runs way above their desire to promote or defend their favorite web site. Thank God fishing still is number one.

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