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Originally Posted by FLGator
If you are going to be purchasing tapered leaders you may be able to find a "bass taper" or a "bluegill taper" type leader. Depending on what type of flies you are fishing for the largemouth you may need something fairly "stiff" in order to turn over the large wind resistant poppers etc.
You are telling me!

Some of the flies I ended up driving away with, such as a few sliders and this one nice diver, absolutely could not be cast in any normal fashion due to the thinness of the leader. I could not cast without having a giant amount of tension from the fly line to the lure.

The problem becomes, I don't readily have access to some line of that strength....

Maybe my next trip to Bass Pro I will stock up on some good line and perhaps they will have bass/panfish leaders there. I didn't take as much time to look around last time as I really wanted to.
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