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Stupid Question about LEADERS

Hello all,

Since I last posted I have gone to Bass Pro Shops and purchased assorted bass flies, a $270 rod/reel setup, and a video. I have caught a 5 pound bass, 3 pound bass(both from about the same spot in this shallow little creek), and more bluegill than I can stand throwing back(and some good-sized ones, too).

So, my question:

The rod and line is 8wt, weight forward. Though the guy at Bass Pro filled me in on all fundamentals I didn't already know, one thing he left out and I found myself wondering about was exactly what kind of leader to use!

For bluegill, what to use? And for bass/carp/larger fish etc. what to use?

The nice fellow at BPS tied on a 50-lb line from the fly line to the leader that is a loop, making changing leaders a snap.

I mean I see 8x, 7x, etc. and don't know how this corresponds to rod wt.

Thanks in advance!
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