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Juro, I agree with you,, I dont know what i stare at more- the beauty of Willies fish or the beauty of Willies reel!!! The two combined in one picture is why i am a salmon fisherman in the first place.. Nice, nice picture Willie Gunn!!! now,, was it a Willie Gunn that fooled her??
Yes David, it does vary according to river, flows, etc and i didnt make that very clear in my first post. I was referring to your SAO avatar and that fish in the right conditions could easily exceed the 15 min max.
I was speaking from personal experience and also my personal opinion. I think we have all seen people "play" fish for too long and the stories of hour long fights with 10-20lb fish,,, ridiculous. Those that do play fish for an hour are either, inexperienced or dont care about the fish.
I'll stick by my max of 15 minute and realize there will be fish that take longer, but on average "most" fish can and should be tailed in under 15min,,unless we are talking rivers like the Moisie or Pinware with fast flows and treacherous footing,, where alot of time can be spent just catching up to the fish.
1 minute per pound is a good ethical time frame to promote,, but really we should be able to do better.
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