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Welcome to the forum!

Your post was brought to my attention by one of the moderators because of the direct link to a non-sponsor business. I know this was your first post but the membership agreement clearly points out that isn't how we do it around here and we thought it might be fresh in your mind since it's required to agree at sign up.

In any case it was removed, but feel free to describe the setup and you'll probably get good advice...

But this also brings up a good point. The value of flyshops, instructors and access to experts who work in the industry is you get first-hand advice, maybe even a free lesson in the parking lot. You might save a little money buying on line, but you could just as easily waste a lot getting the wrong thing.

If it were me, I'd visit a local flyshop of good repute and learn a little. I think it was Ben Franklin who coined the saying "penny wise, pound foolish". I think this applies to saving a little on line to making a well-informed decision with the help of your local neighborhood flyshop.

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