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I am not familiar with the specific model you are interested in. However, I did have the opportunity to borrow a friends Outcast two person pontoon and am glad that I did! There were several issues that after having rowed, and fished, that I did not care for. First entry and egress from the craft for the person rowing was cumbersome at best. In fact, it was a major pain in the rear. Second, only the person in the bow can fish comfortably from the boat even if anchored in safe water casting to a pod of fish. Perhaps if the craft had a full floor that allowed both anglers to stand comfortably and safely things could have been different.

Personally, after having rowed and fished the two person pontoon set up I would not buy one unless the above issues were corrected by different flooring/frame design. If I were to buy a two person pontoon set up I would pursue a true white water craft with a matching frame and floor.

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