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First and foremost, keep the wind blowing on the off-shoulder.

In other words, keep the line going back and forth on the other side of your body than the wind is coming.

If you are a righty and the wind is coming from the right, turn around a bit and throw your backcast to the fish, or else with lighter rods (trout weights for example) reach across to the other side of your body. If you are lucky and practice enough you can change hands and fish lefty.

A tailwind is not so bad, just make the backcast tight, sharp and level while making the forward cast lighter, a little rounder than usual and a little higher to let the wind give your arm a break.

A headwind can be tough unless you have developed a very tight high-energy loop. This is where a lot of practice learning to concentrate the loop energy pays off, and where hauling and double-hauling can really help out.

The best thing you can do is use your head when the wind is strong. Keep the wind quartering from behind your off-shoulder. Consider moving from a spot if you can't get the wind angle you like.

Whatever you do please do not try to cheat rule #1 or you could lose an eye.
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