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Just my .02 cents. If you're going to tape your rods (I only do with rods rated 9wt or over - back to that in a moment) it's a good idea and works well with rod racks. IF you have a luggage rack on top of your car that's AT LEAST a 4 foot spred you can attach fully rigged spey rods up to 15'. Take a bit of the foam pipe insul. and tape same to the forward bar to protect the rods finish. Attach rods with the short (about 6" bung. cords that have the small balls (cost under a buck) on both ends to hold the rods. (Rod tips forward)

ONLY PLACE you have to pay attention (using the lug. rack) is if your passing a large 18 wheeler; wind will tend to 'wip' the rod tips around. Other than that, the rods will track like a 'tiger' if you have them pointed straight ahead.

Shorter car, I'd recommend a 'double mag.' rod rack (have to use this on the Jeep Liberty) as the roof line/lug. rack is too short. Speed? I've done 70+ and they (either rig) holds the rods in place without problem.

Several of 'us' on the Rogue use simmilar stuff; no one's had a problem yet.

Forgot to add the "*" above: Taping is a choice thing. Larger rods/dynamic cast such as the 'snake' do 'torque' the rod a lot!!!! There tape is good; beyond that, I'd rather check my section connections every 15-20 minutes or so. Tape or no, they WILL rotate. (Look down your rod, guides still lined up?) You can also tell with most rods that 'something' has come 'loose.' The cast will change!! If you're paying even the slightest amount of attention .. you'll know. Trust me on that one.

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