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Spey Rods & Car Carriers

Good day, Jim Corrigan here. Today, I've got two somewhat-related questions for experienced spey rod users ...

1. How important is it to tape the ferrules (joints) on the rod when spey casting? If one was taking the rod down relatively frequently (e.g. every half-day), would the ferrules have a chance to slip (fatally) during 3-6 hours of casting?

I used a big St. Croix spey rod last year. I did not tape it, but took it down relatively frequently (to move between pools & to/from the river). I never felt that the rod sections had twisted or come loose by the end of a fishing session.

I've seen experienced spey casters on the Gaspe leave their rods together for a week. Presumably the ferrules were taped, so it would be a pain-in-the-*ss to take it down every day. Is taping 'super-cautious' or is one foolhardy to spey cast without taping the ferrules of the rod?

This leads me to question #2 ...

2. Just how fast can one go (safely) with set-up fly rods attached to one of those magnetic car carrier devices?

The 'specs' of these things say something like: "Not suitable for highway speeds."

I assume that (some of) the people I've seen using these carriers have taped their rods & don't want to break them down.

I'm thinking about places where one might travel 20-40 kilometers between rivers or pools. How cautiously must one proceed with a couple of rods on these car carriers?

Thanks for any help given to a neophyte with the big rods!


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