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Hello Salar,

Maybe a slow reply to your question....but the Mohlin reels are not multi plier. They are all direct drive. The special Double Action reels are direct drive when you wind your line (or fish) in and anti reverse when the fish is running.

The larger Classic Mohlin reels have a so called "disc drum drag" which is smooth and reliable. The saltwater and double action reels have a large cork disc drag which is made to perfection.


Originally Posted by salar76
hmm, very nice looking reels indeed!

anyone know how they compare to, say, a Bogdan (apart from the price!). I liked the look of the new hardy cascapedia, but was very dissapointed when i got one in my hands. and how would the drag compare to the likes of an Abel?

do they have a multiplier action, or is the handle just for show (like the cascapedia #2)?


lawrence (not a tackle tart of course)
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