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I don't have the time

to weed through all the retoric,,,,pro's & cons about the different technologies for producing energy. So I'll just cut to the chase and throw out a few of my own thoughts.....For what they are worth.

First of all burning fossil fuels to run generators to create electricity seems to me to be absurd in this day and age. Coal, for one, is a bitch to extract. A dirty job that has killed a lot of workers. If not in the mines directly, an early death due to black lung disease. Oil and natural gas we don't hear that much about. I doubt it is the safest occupatiion in the world. Extracting and burning any of these fossil fuels causes pollution. Tranporting it is a problem. And may become more of a problem, due to terrorist activities. So any efferts to lessen our dependancy on fossil fuels should be considered.

Wind power is certainly a viable option in some areas.

Geo Thermal has been kicked around. But the technology doesn;t seem to be developed to the point of giving it serious consideration.

Nukes have been around for quite awhile. The problems, besides the protestors, are what to do with the waste, and the potential for catastrophy, due to either accidental or terrorist activity.

I can't speak for other countries, but here in the U.S. the nukes have a much bettter safety record than do the mines or the refineries. As for the waste problem, my rather simplistic view is just to blast it out into space. And maybe China is onto something with the mini-nukes. Smaller nuclear plant, smaller chance of mega catastrophy. Maybe even too small to atttract the attention of the bad guys,,,,or make it worth their effort.

Now the big question is,,,,,if a simple steelheader like myself can come up with solutions, why can't the greatest minds in the country? I don't think I want to know.
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