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More on consumption (to add to good points being made here).

Let's just take a slice of the automobiles built in North America since January 1st = 4,106,330, and assume they were all hybrids instead of gas engines. Assuming cars burn 20 gals per week on average, and get 20 mph if they are lucky, then that would get them 400 miles in a week. To get the same mileage as a hybrid engine from the same 20 gallons, that car would burn almost 27 more gallons of gas.

Multiply that by 4,106,330 and you get 110.8 million gallons of gas wasted by just the cars built in N.A. to date that could have been preserved via hybrid technology which already exists today, not to mention pollutants on a single fill-up. If we then extrapolated that to all vehicles around the world, week after week...

I can't say that I can point any fingers - I drive a pickup truck, getting only 17 mpg. However I actually use 4x4 and the truck config actively running oversand up to 28 times in a year on Nauset and bayside beaches. I haul a lot of cargo, and pull family members out of snowbanks in blizzards. By no means is it a trophy truck, she is worked very hard. Even still I would like nothing better than to have hybrid capabilities available for highway travel in between those times when I really need a truck.

The other two vehicles in the family are very high-efficiency 4 cylinder cars that are smaller (and easier to pull out of snowbanks). Once we get our kids thru school we plan to move out of the remote burbs and find a place where a hybrid is enough. Hopefully by then there will be a bigger variety of vehicle configs with the technology.
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